Petya Ransomware alert !

SecureData is busy investigating a suspected Ransomware attack that is said to have hit a number of major international companies including Maersk in the UK. The Ransomware appears to be based on the Petya Ransomware family which encrypts the master boot record of a device and demands ransom to restore the MBR. Early indications are that the Ransomware is spreading using SMB/WMIC/PSEXEC but this needs to be confirmed. Early advice would be to ensure that SMB is not allowed from the Internet. Enhanced vigilance in monitoring for suspicious file activity on devices is recommended.

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Starting on Friday May 12th reports have started to spread of a global malware that appears to have impacted tens of thousands of hosts in almost a hundred countries within a span of hours. Included amongst the high-profile victims of the campaign is the UK’s NHS who have reportedly experienced widespread outages across more than forty organisations as well as numerous GPs. Ambulance services have also been effected.

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With over 1 million new malware threats reported each day, protect your business with actionable intelligence on the threats that matter to you and your business.

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