5 reasons to attend Northern CyberSecurity Summit 2019

A new year brings a new wave of enthusiasm for learning and personal development. There are few better ways to channel that interest than to meet with like-minded peers and explore the most challenging and thought-provoking topics of the day.

As we enter 2019, there is no shortage of challenging topics when it comes to cybersecurity. At both an individual and societal level, deep macro uncertainty and looming change bring a wide range of considerations over what cybersecurity means and how a fresh set of risks can be addressed. This quest for focus and clarity amid uncertainty will be a key discussion point at our annual Northern CyberSecurity Summit in Manchester, on Thursday 28th February.

The event features thought leadership presentations and technical level talks on cybersecurity trends and hot topics from industry experts. Our Opening Keynote:

  • Award-winning journalist Geoff White, who will offer his unique perspective on how information is becoming weaponised and how that weaponisation is affecting us all.

These speakers will join SecureData experts and other leading cybersecurity influencers to provide a deep, unique perspective on the issues that are affecting us, the companies we work for and the society we live in.

Still not convinced? Here are five key reasons you should attend the event, and what you can expect to take away from the day:

  1. See the implications of cybersecurity from a different point of view

    Gain a unique perspective into how cybersecurity is affecting us at a personal, societal, business and government level from an award-winning journalist.

  1. Find the right way to bridge the understanding gap with your senior executives

    Get insight on how to communicate cybersecurity issues in a language your board can relate to and understand.

  1. Hear the latest trends and stats in cybersecurity

    Get access to cutting-edge research that will enable you to effectively address the security issues that matter.

  1. Spark ideas for your 2019 cyber strategy

    Gain unique insight from leading cybersecurity vendors, who will be sharing strategies for addressing the growing and evolving cybersecurity threat.

  1. Network with the best

    Hear first-hand from some of the best ethical hackers in the industry, sharing their experiences penetrating some of the biggest organisations in the world.

The event is intended for cybersecurity end-user professionals from all sides of the field.

You can register your interest to attend this free, full-day event, as well as view the event programme, by visiting our event page here.

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