Building Security Intelligence with Analytics

Security intelligence and analytics are fast becoming the cornerstone of our industry – if you’re involved in managing information security today then you’re almost definitely involved with collecting and analysing large volumes of data. Tools like data mining, link analysis and data visualisation arm us with the ability to extract large volumes of data from diverse sources and analyse the patterns it reveals. These techniques ultimately turn data into information and deliver insight for effective decision-making. At SecureData, we recognise the power such tools can have in fight against cybercrime, and were pleased and proud to announce recently the acquisition of 25% ordinary stock in software developer, Paterva. Paterva make the Maltego software suite, a powerful open source forensics and intelligence application that delivers a clear threat picture for the environments that organisations both own and operate. Maltego allows customers to explore data, and examine it from different angles to extract tangible intelligence they can take action from. It also enables them to steer away from the usual data interrogation questions like ‘what are the top vulnerabilities my scanner has flagged?’ towards smarter questions like “for which of my vulnerabilities do public exploits actually exist”. This investment fits perfectly into the ‘Assess-Detect-Protect-Respond’ framework that drives the way we operate and in Maltego, we now have a highly regarded and popular platform that’s used extensively in Open Source Intelligence Gathering. Moreover, the software is also used for Infrastructure Analysis for Penetration Testing, Cyber Attack Analysis, Fraud Detection and Investigation, Security Intelligence, Information Security Management and Research, making it a significant and growing contender in the intelligence and analytics space. As a part of the deal, our sister company, SensePost has also become the first accredited Approved Maltego Service Provider meaning it’s authorised to provide integration, consulting, support and training for the Maltego tools with full endorsement, support and assistance directly from Paterva. This partnership builds on the companies’ shared roots and intellectual heritage and injects the broader SecureData Group with an enviable body of Intellectual Property, Human Capital and Information Security Skills and Experience, making the group a formidable player in its space. This is an exciting development for SecureData and we look forward to this investment evolving into a more substantial partnership over the next two to three years.

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