As one of the UK’s largest independent security service providers, SecureData is a prominent industry thought-leader. You can find our team at many high-profile events throughout the year, whether as attendees, sponsors or hosts. We believe in complete, proactive security across the attack continuum that empowers organisations with the contextual intelligence to identify and eliminate relevant threats.


With a 23 year heritage in IT security and 1000 blue-chip customers worldwide, SecureData has a wealth of expertise under its roof.

We put that knowledge to good use: sponsoring many high-profile industry events throughout the year, as well as hosting our own thought-leadership event, Security Focuses, each November. Joined by customers and guest speakers, we dedicate a full day to discussing the biggest issues in cybersecurity for the year ahead, setting the agenda every organisation should be thinking about.

If you would like to know where you can meet members of the SecureData team, or hear them speak, the events calendar below is updated periodically throughout the year.

Events Calendar

Webinar: IDC & SecureData

1st March 2017 - 1st March 2017

Today’s cyber landscape is a deafening place. The constant bombardment of alerts, threat feeds, defensive devices and marketing messages likely has ears ringing in your security team.

Join Duncan Brown IDC, Etienne Greeff and Charl van der Walt, SecureData for this informative webinar on 1st March 2017 – 11.30am.


SecureData Cybersecurity Round Table

7th March 2017 - 9th March 2017

SecureData is hosting a series of breakfast round tables across the UK.

  • London session will take place on 7th March (8:30am -10am).
  • Birmingham session will take place on 8th March (8:30am -10am).
  • Manchester session will take place on 9th March (8:30am -10am).

This is an invitation-only event for IT Directors, CIO’s , CTO’s, CISO’s, CFO’s,  intended to foster conversation and learning about a variety of cybersecurity related topics.

Join Charl van der Walt, SecureData’s Head of Security Strategy, as he reveals why lazy password practices are putting hundreds of UK businesses in immediate danger of being hacked.

Showing never-before-seen research from SecureData Labs, Charl will delve into the new cyber frontier being created by employee password re-use and explain how to tackle this challenge head on.

The danger of re-using credentials is still widely underestimated, even as employees duplicate their professional passwords across dozens of personal applications. While this makes passwords easier to remember, many of these personal applications boast less than stellar security. One leak all too easily provides hackers with a low-cost, risk-free way to crack tougher corporate security via Outlook Web Application accounts.

Don’t leave your business exposed.

Join Charl and the team for this thought-provoking discussion to learn about the vulnerabilities uncovered by the Research Labs, see how they fit into the wider security landscape and what to do to prevent your employees needlessly endangering themselves and your business.

Event host: Etienne Geef (SecureData’s CTO)


If you would like to participate please get in