Security Focuses 2015 - Highlights

With a 23 year heritage in IT security and 1000 blue-chip customers worldwide, SecureData has a wealth of expertise under its roof.

We put that knowledge to good use: sponsoring many high-profile industry events throughout the year, as well as hosting our own thought-leadership event, Security Focuses, each November. Joined by customers and guest speakers, we dedicate a full day to discussing the biggest issues in cybersecurity for the year ahead, setting the agenda every organisation should be thinking about.

If you would like to know where you can meet members of the SecureData team, or hear them speak, the events calendar below is updated periodically throughout the year.

Events Calendar

Security Focuses

12th November 2015

Our annual company event, Security Focuses will be held in November. The date and venue is still to be confirmed, however if you would like to reserve your spot early or find out more information please contact your account manager or email us.

Check Point Refresh Event

28th January 2016

Traditional Firewalls have always been the cornerstone of IT security for the past 15 years, they’re relatively easy to deploy and can defeat some network threats.

However attackers are more determined than ever; they now use sophisticated and constantly changing techniques, tactics and procedures to bypass traditional security measures.

With most of Check Point’s IP and UTM appliances approaching End of Life or limited support, SecureData are inviting you to our Appliance Refresh webinar in on 28th January 2016 from 1pm.

Securing Your Environment, F5

26th January 2016

Join SecureData and F5 Networks webinar to fully understand how the F5 platform can simplify your network and fully secure your services to withstand even the most complex DDoS attacks. F5 and SecureData can support hybrid solutions and deliver on-prem and off-prem DDoS mitigation.