Traditional Firewalls have always been the cornerstone of IT security for the past 15 years, they’re relatively easy to deploy and can defeat some network threats.

However attackers are more determined than ever; they now use sophisticated and constantly changing techniques, tactics and procedures to bypass traditional security measures.

To defend your business against the latest cyber threats, your organisation must adopt a new approach to combating cybercrime. Next Generation Firewalls provide greater visibility and enhance network security with the integration of IPS, Bot Network Detection and Threat Emulation technologies, whilst also providing a platform to lower the TCO with consolidation of application control, web content filtering, DLP and remote access features into one single device

With most of Check Point’s IP and UTM appliances approaching End of Life or limited support, SecureData are inviting you to our Appliance Refresh event at The Royal Exchange, London on 15th June 2015 from 1pm.


Why should you attend SecureData’s Refresher event?

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the benefits Next Generation Firewalls bring to businesses to help stay secure
  • Learn how SecureData can expertly manage, monitor or support your Managed Next Generation Firewalls throughout their entire lifecycle
  • Learn how your business can save money by refreshing and / or consolidating
  • Understand what services are available, and how valuable they will become to your organisation


For more information on the event please contact us.


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