Greater Intelligence: Introducing smarter security

You know security is a boardroom issue. You’ve seen the high-profile attacks making headlines. You’re well aware that a breach can instantly destroy customer confidence, brand perception and financial performance. But can you guarantee your business is secure? Could you see an attack coming? Are you even sure you’re not compromised already? For most businesses, finding the threats that matter is like trying to find a grain of salt on a beach. Our focus on technology and devices has created an overwhelming deluge of security logs and information – any one of which could point to a critical threat. Unfortunately, most organisations don’t have the time, budget or security expertise to keep pace with this torrent of data. To stay secure, we need a new approach. We need to cut through complexity to identify the one threat in a million that really matters. Then we need to eliminate it.

What is Greater Intelligence?

Greater Intelligence (GI) from SecureData brings together expert monitoring, cloud connectivity and Big Data analytics to put your security in context. We combine a deep view of your day-to-day network behaviour with threat intelligence feeds from the outside world to build a comprehensive picture of your real-time security posture. Our Advanced Intelligence Engine continually correlates millions of security logs – identifying critical threats, delivering alerts and taking defensive actions in real-time. But this is just the starting point. Technology alone can’t solve today’s security challenges, so our service also integrates the most advanced technology of all – the human mind. GI scales access to the best security analysts in the business by focusing them on the contextual output of our advanced machine intelligence. That means you always have access to expert analysis, concentrated around the threats that matter to you. This fusion of artificial intelligence with human expertise gives us the power to detect and eliminate any threat. With access to SensePost’s expert security analysts, we can make connections that technology alone cannot. For instance, if we identify an IP that’s characteristic of a team of Chinese hackers known for targeting financial companies, we would know our banking customer is at risk. We can then take action to stop the bad guys because we understand their modus operandi.

Big benefits

This is powerful stuff, but GI would be of no use if our customers couldn’t adopt it easily. That’s why we’ve built a complete, integrated security solution that’s hosted and managed in the cloud. GI is an easy to deploy, agile platform that demands no upfront investment, hardware or software. That means we can easily change functionality, as well as provide the scalability and service levels to rapidly adapt to your needs. With easy access to the right people, processes and technologies, GI empowers our customers to reduce the cost of fighting cybercrime. Your business will no longer have mountains of alerts, data and logs from a tangle of infrastructure – but a focused, correlated and contextualised stream of applied security intelligence. All your disparate security data is brought together in one holistic platform that can assess, detect, protect and respond as needed. And, of course, this is all wrapped up in our ‘always-on’ service culture. Security professionals watch out for dangers 24/7 in our highly accredited UK-based SOC and oversee security management in real-time. If you’re ready to start focusing your time and money on the threats that matter, then you’re ready for Greater Intelligence. Click here to learn more about how our new service can help you.

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