Is SecureData GI?

SecureData GI delivers what business is demanding – a complete security solution. It integrates leading technologies, the best cyber security specialists and big data analytic processes, all delivered through the cloud. The result? Correlated and contextualised applied intelligence to protect business against security threats. It is the smart new solution to cyber threats.

SecureData GI
Advanced Technologies

Advanced Technologies

Integrated technology stack combining proprietary software, best-in-class hardware and big data analytics technologies. It collects and correlates machine data and contextualises this within the customer environment and against the global threat landscape, providing advanced machine intelligence.

Complete Security Process

Complete Security Process

Unique processes that map risk profile against threat data and malicious behaviour to develop threat vectors, threat models and their potential business impact. Turning security big data into contextualised business intelligence using advanced threat modelling processes and unique analytical tools.

The Best Minds

The Best Minds

Security Operations Centre (SOC) experts focused 24x7x365 combined with a cyber security analyst team – with defensive (profiling and risk assessments) and offensive (ethical hacking and criminal) mindsets. They turn machine intelligence into actionable threat intelligence and remediation.


Is it game-changing?

SecureData GI is a completely integrated security platform that’s hosted and managed in the cloud.

This means that businesses can avoid the high costs of combating cyber crime brought on by increased layers of hardware, complex & tangled infrastructure and hard-to-come-by resource. This new security intelligence model unifies customer intelligence, threat intelligence and security intelligence — not just at lower cost but simpler and more powerfully. Assessment, Detection, Prevention and Response is easily integrated — making remediation and proactive action automated, and easy to do. Businesses will no longer have mountains of alerts, data and logs, but a focused, correlated and contextualised stream of applied intelligence to their network.



SecureData GI

A Greater Intelligence

SecureData GI takes a smarter approach to cyber threat.

At its core is advanced technology that combines hardware, software algorithms and analytics, to reduce millions of logs into hundreds of security events in real-time. We then add the most advanced technology of all – the human mind. Some of the smartest security specialists on the planet investigate the critical alerts 24x7x365 in our SOC and then the most skilled and knowledgeable cyber security brains in the world deliver actionable intelligence on the most dangerous individual threats applicable to your business, industry and location.

We call it A Greater Intelligence: It gives businesses the power to not only detect threats, but to eliminate them.


From a stronger Security Platform

Superior Security Capability

Get instant access to broader and deeper expertise from our 24x7x365 SOC team, our security cyber threat analysts and our leading global security consultancy, SensePost. Multiple threat intelligence feeds and aggregation of feedback from our top 500 global customers is analysed and delivered as a single output.

Real-Time Contextual Security Intelligence

Complete visibility and analysis of a customer's overall portfolio of network and security devices & services, combined with macro threat intelligence for contextual, actionable security intelligence delivered in real-time through the cloud.

Simplified security and improved agility

Consume the very best intelligence with reduced on-site infrastructure, lower CapEx and OpEx, whilst delivering security in a holistic and responsive way, with complete alignment with business needs.


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A complete security process

A complete
security process

Connects and correlates separate security information in a complete solution that assesses, detects, protects and responds

Expertise in the cloud

in the cloud

Unites and leverages technology, people and processes to deliver scale and capability at lower cost

The global context

The global

Connects customers’ threat profile and data to our global threat feeds for contextual threat intelligence

Applied intelligence and remediation

Applied intelligence
and remediation

Our analysts triage alerts, incidents and alarms into contextualised, actionable remediation advice

Delivered as-a-service


No upfront costs, hardware or software. Easy to deploy and more agile


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