Northern CyberSecurity Summit 2019

Thursday 28th February 2019 – Etihad Stadium, Manchester

Monsters under the bed!

Join leading cybersecurity influencers and experts at SecureData’s annual Northern CyberSecurity Summit in Manchester, on Thursday 28th February. We are promising a series of thought leadership presentations and technical level talks to provide a unique and deep perspective on the issues that are affecting us, the companies we work for and the society we live in.

“It used to be we thought cybersecurity didn’t matter. This has all changed as cybersecurity now affects us all – at both an individual and societal level. The effect is deep and varied, ranging from whether we stay in Europe, who we elect to run our countries and sensitive information about ourselves becoming public knowledge and property.” Etienne Greeff, CTO & Founder, SecureData.

Guest Speakers

Geoff White, an award-winning journalist will kick-start the conference by examining stories in the news, both real and fake. We become almost immune to stories in the press yet there are deeper societal changes happening that affects us. Geoff uses his unique perspective and experience to try and see and illustrate how information is becoming weaponised and how that weaponisation is affecting us all.

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Key Takeaways:

– A unique perspective on how cybersecurity is affecting us at a personal, societal, business and government level from an award-winning journalist, a badass hacker and expert security researchers unveiling their key findings for the first time.
– Get insight on how to communicate cybersecurity issues in a language your board can relate to and understand.
– Get access to cutting-edge research allowing you to effectively address the security issues that matter
– Unique insight from leading cybersecurity vendors, sharing strategies for addressing the growing cybersecurity threat.
– Hear first-hand from some of the best ethical hackers in the industry sharing their experiences penetrating some of the biggest organisations in the world.

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Who should attend?
We welcome professionals from all sides of the field – CISOs to security engineers – to offer the perspectives and insights required to conquer looming risks and leave hackers in the dust. Please note the summit is catered for end-users only. Registrations from competing businesses will be declined.

What to expect from the summit:

Event Programme


Registration & Breakfast (45 mins)


Welcome and Introductions

Matt Tomlinson - SecureData


How information is becoming weaponised and how that weaponisation is affecting us all.

Keynote speaker Geoff White


Are we sitting on a security debt crisis?

Charl van der Walt - SecureData


Break & networking (30 mins)


Building sustainable defence

Dominic White - SensePost


Not becoming the next cybersecurity headline is difficult, very difficult!

Etienne Greeff - SecureData


Spend your hard earned cash on the issues that matter

Etienne Greeff - SecureData


Lunch & Networking (1 hour)


P@ssw0rd$ in the Cloud era


You can't protect what you don't know about



End-to-End Security

Check Point

Content is King - How to protect it



Having a hard exterior doesn't matter, if you have a soft and chewy inside


Machine Learning doesn't solve everything, but some things, it can solve really well





No barriers inside networks


Application Framework - the 3rd Industry Leading Innovation

Palo Alto Networks


Pick a password, any password - insights into password security from an attackers' point of view

Wicus Ross - SensePost

When SensePost hacked our Chairman's Inbox

Charl van der Walt - SecureData


Panel discussing the key takeaways

Etienne Greeff, Charl van der Walt, Wicus Ross & Dominic White - Geoff White to moderate


Prize Draws & Drinks reception and tour of the stadium



Guest Speakers

Geoff White

Technology Journalist

Geoff reports on technology for BBC News, Forbes onlineChannel 4 News and Audible, with a focus on tech security, online crime, personal data and privacy.

He is currently writing a book on cybercrime for Reaktion Books, due for publication in late 2019.

An experienced and accomplished public speaker, he has given keynote talks at some of the UK’s largest tech events, in addition to hosting conferences and chairing panels at venues ranging from London’s Chatham House think-tank to the Latitude music festival.

Charl van der Walt - SecureData

Charl van der Walt

Chief Security Strategy Officer

Charl has a deep understanding of the “offensive” paradigm within information security with a particular interest and passion for teaching and training. He has given courses and lectures to companies and universities all of the world and is a regular on the infosec conference circuit, speaking at events including the prestigious Black Hat Briefings.

Etienne Greeff - SecureData

Etienne Greeff

CTO & Founder

Etienne Greeff is one of the early pioneers of the information security industry. He has spent over 20 years promoting the innovative use of technology and services to solve complex customer issues: founding, growing and successfully exiting a number of information security businesses.

Dominic White - SensePost

Dominic White

SensePost (SecureData)

Dominic is the CTO at SensePost, the elite consulting arm of SecureData specialising in penetration testing. He was previously a manager within the Security & Privacy Services division of Deloitte and hold an MSc from Rhodes University in the topic of computer security.

Wicus Ross

Lead Researcher

Wicus investigates industry events and trends with the single purpose of understanding how incidents may affect SecureData’s clients and how to best guard against it. Wicus was previously involved with software development and compliance at an e-commerce technology vendor.

Etihad Stadium Manchester