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Financial Times: Enabling a Mobile Workforce

To boost employee productivity in the workplace, the FT needed to overhaul its local internet and Virtual Private Network connections. Employees were increasingly asking to connect smartphones and tablet devices to the business network to work efficiently, and SecureData was brought in to deliver a wireless solution that could meet this demand, securely and cost-effectively.

Invensys: ERP Case Study

Invensys required a robust wireless deployment to support personnel accessing its management platform on the production line. SecureData delivered a resilient, high-density wireless solution, capable of supporting this mission-critical environment.

ARUP: Resilient Infrastructure

When starting a new building project, Arup manages an on-site office for the duration of the work. As more project sites were built across the globe, it was becoming increasingly complex to manage the network and keep up with user demands. SecureData helped ARUP consolidate its IT systems to improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness.