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The Evolution of Intelligence Led Cyber Security from Inception to Future Possibilities

From the birth of Information Security in the 1980s through to the present day and beyond, this infographic shows the evolution of cyber security, and what could be to come.

5 Thoughts on Threat Intelligence

We now inhabit a world where every business is a digital business and no industry is safe from cyberattacks; small wonder interest in Intelligence is skyrocketing. The security status quo is being shattered as firms abandon reactive, device-led protection strategies, in favour of proactive detection and response empowered by intelligence-led visibility and control.

5 Questions Every CEO Should Be Able To Answer

In a world where breaches can flat-line revenues and destroy hard-won reputations overnight, security is now a boardroom issue. Business leaders must grapple with the challenge, putting in place a robust strategy to defend their organisations with the right people, processes and technologies. Here’s 5 security question every CEO should be able to answer.

Is Your Website At Risk?

Worried that your website is an easy target for hackers? Take a look at this infographic to discover five common ways cyber-criminals can gain access to a website through its applications – and how you can protect yourself.

Managed Security Services on the Rise

The managed security services market will exceed US$ 9 billion by 2017 – a staggering growth of 69%. Find out why more and more organisations are moving to a managed approach in this infographic.

SecureData Tackle Gartner Top 10 CIO Priorities

Gartner recently surveyed over 2,000 CIOs to understand the top ten priorities for businesses – see how SecureData’s managed services address each of these business critical requirements in this infographic.

6 Reasons Why Every Business Needs SIEM

Cyber-attacks happen 24×7. Are you ready to react to every threat? If not, SIEM should be an integral part of your strategy. Find out more in this infographic.

Maltego: Bringing Intelligence to Security

Buried in your security logs are the insights you need to keep your organisation secure. Using advanced intelligence and forensics tools like Maltego, our expert analysts can find the 1% of threats you need to sit up and notice. Discover how in this infographic.

SecureData SOC

Whether we’re supporting fully managed services or individual devices, you can rely on our UK-based, 24x7x365 Security Operations Centre (SOC) to deliver the right people, processes and technologies. Find out more in this infographic.