Managed Content Filtering

Content security has traditionally been thought of in the context of
protecting against HTTP & HTTPS web traffic but the lines between
browser-delivered content and mail-client delivered content have blurred
with HTML email just as much a target as HTML webpages.

Web content security devices are the best way of enabling secure
access to web content by inspecting web traffic for malicious content
thereby enforcing corporate Internet browsing policies

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Managed Next Generation Endpoint Security

Our fully managed Next Generation Endpoint Security service removes
the complexity of continuous rule-base management allowing in-house IT
teams to focus on the tasks that a business needs.

By monitoring and managing the endpoint-management server or
appliance, SecureData’s service offers businesses peace of mind that
their endpoints are under constant supervision and have fully updated
malware detection mechanisms in place.

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Mobile Application Assessments

Recent high profile compromises has shown that the focus of
hackers are now on applications. Digialisation has meant that
more and more business processes have shifted to applications
creating a bigger attack surface. Exploiting vulnerabilities within
applications is a primary vector for skilled and semi-skilled

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Managed Threat Advisory Service

Modern cybersecurity operations involve ingesting and processing a
huge amount of information from diverse sources. These various data
points are used by security teams to make minute-by-minute decisions
on how to spend scarce time and resources. The wrong decision leaves
the organisation exposed whilst precious time, money and energy are

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Managed Firewall Services

In an ever-connected world, firewalls are an essential first line of defense,
however, a firewall is only as secure as its configuration.

Keeping pace with new firewall technologies and overseeing upgrades, patches and policy changes is a time-consuming burden that requires a large and experienced team, regular training and vendor support. Unfortunately, few organisations can meet these demands internally.

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Managed Next Generation Firewall Services

First generation firewalls are unable to offer protection against modern cyber threats. The current dynamic threat landscape means Firewalls
need to be able to control and inspect web content, deal with malware
and offer Intrusion Detection capabilities.

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Managed Web Application Firewall

Web applications have become the primary way with which businesses interact with their customers, staff and other stakeholders however, web applications are the biggest source of risk for organisations with hackers targeting applications in increasingly sophisticated ways.

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Red Team Assessments

This proactive security assessment is goal orientated in its intention to gain access to the organisation’s data by any means necessary, test the organisation’s ability to detect and respond to the attack and identify the potential damage a real attack could cause.

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Managed Threat Detection and Response

For organisations requiring full-featured Threat Detection, Threat Hunting and Incident Response, our Managed Threat Detection and Response service performs iterative, active pursuit of potentially malicious presences within networks.

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Managed Advanced Threat Hunting

Performing active threat hunting affords deeper and further-reaching visibility into series of events which, when stitched together, escalate potential indicators of attack to declared indicators of compromise.

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