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Security Focuses 2014 – Glenn Wilkinson – Senior Security Analyst, SensePost

Senior Security Analyst and Ethical Hacker at SensePost, Glenn Wilkinson performs a real-life hacking demonstration of intelligence and forensic application, Maltego.

Security Focuses 2014 – Charl Van Der Walt – Strategic Director, SensePost

SensePost Strategic Director, Charl Van Der Walt explains the capabilities, technologies and initiatives of the innovation centre and touches upon SensePost’s use of intelligence and forensic application, Maltego.

Security Focuses 2014 – Marty Legg, Cloud Services Director

Cloud Services Director, Marty Legg introduces SecureData GI

Security Focuses 2014

Today, we’ll be demonstrating how to combine big data and human intelligence into powerful security intelligence that identifies the threats that matter and help businesses respond by understanding how the bad guys think.

The Telegraph Business Club Profiles SecureData

There is now over 2000 cyber threats emerging everyday. Watch how we deliver security solutions to help combat those cyber threats through the strength of our personnel, processes and technology.

Intelligent Security – A Conversation with SensePosts’ Glenn Wilkinson

Glenn Wilkinson, Senior Security Analyst at SensePost, explains why security intelligence is our greatest ally in the battle against cybercrime – and why access to human expertise is more important than technology.

SecureData GI – Introducing A Greater Intelligence

Today’s cyber-attackers are smart, determined and disciplined; we can’t hope to defeat them with traditional security. Watch this two-minute introductory video to hear how SecureData GI is helping organisations everywhere stay one step ahead of the bad guys.

Introducing Security Focuses 2013

Today, we’re fighting a new battle of Britain in cyberspace. Etienne Greeff, SecureData’s CEO, explains why it’s essential to rethink security strategies and deploy an end-to-end approach that assesses risk, detects threats, protects crucial assets and responds rapidly to any attack.

Security Focuses 2013 Highlights

In the evocative setting of Churchill’s War Rooms, our discussion focused on winning the new battle of Britain – the struggle taking place in cyberspace. Watch highlights from all our expert speakers here.

Security Focuses 2013 – Etienne Greef

Watch the keynote talk from Etienne Greeff, SecureData’s CEO, as he introduces the concept of a holistic approach to security.

Introducing Security Focuses 2014

We’re spending billions of pounds on the fight against cybercrime, but traditional security is still losing the struggle. It’s time for a new approach. Etienne Greeff, SecureData’s CEO, introduces the importance of visibility and threat intelligence in fighting back.

Seven Stages of an Advanced Attack – Neil Thacker

Neil Thacker, Information Security & Strategy Officer at Websense, discusses the modus operandi of today’s advanced malware – and how organisations can protect themselves with the right security insights.