Never Pass on Password Security: Opportunities and Challenges for Business Transformation

Many businesses are needlessly exposing themselves and their employees to risk, due to poor password security, a lack of cybersecurity skills, and choosing convenience over security. These challenges were the subject of a recent roundtable event held jointly by SecureData, part of Orange Cyberdefense and Okta, a specialist in identity and access management and the contents of this whitepaper explores the topics discussed in further detail.

Never pass on password security

The security shift from beginning to the endpoint

This whitepaper looks at the need for effective monitoring of endpoints and the challenges involved in choosing, deploying and managing effective endpoint monitoring capability.

It then considers how some of these can be addressed by outsourcing security to a managed services provider.

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Before the bubble bursts – Tackling the threat of a global security debt crisis

In this paper, we made the argument that allowing security debt ‘interest’
to accrue is as irresponsible as the actions of financial institutions during
the Global Financial Crisis, and could have equally cataclysmic results.

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Threat Detection Lessons From Hacking Ourselves

We took the unusual step of documenting the results of an internal ‘red team’ exercise of our own estate for our customers to review. This whitepaper shows our methodology, research, findings and conclusions which we believe will help you on your cybersecurity journey.

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Signals in the Noise: A Cybersecurity Data Odyssey

Even the greatest security systems and procedures can have their Achilles moment in light of seemingly remote vulnerabilities.

Over the course of this report, we’ll share with you our methods, findings and learnings. We hope this will help you to look at your IT estate in a different way, anticipating the threats that others ignore.

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