A Complete Approach to Security

We know security is changing. It’s time for a different approach. IT leaders must enable their customers to use the Internet, cloud computing and business applications to their full potential in a secure way. In this whitepaper, we explore why a holistic approach to security is the answer.

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How Can Security-as-a-Service Serve You?

Migration to the cloud is happening across all businesses, but Security-as-a-Service demands a trusted partner that can deliver on its promises. In this whitepaper, SecureData takes the pulse of IT managers when it comes to security outsourcing.

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Demystifying Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence has become a buzzword, a term that seemingly holds the key to defending against tomorrow’s attacks. But what is meant by “Threat Intelligence???, and how does it differ from Security or Cyber Intelligence? Find out in this whitepaper.

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Frost & Sullivan Analysis of the EMEA Managed Security Services Market 2013

In this detailed analysis of the Managed Security Services Market in Europe, the Middle-East and Africa, Frost & Sullivan cites protection and risk mitigation from targeted cyberattacks as driving strong market growth. The firm advocates that MSSPs develop a bespoke, risk-based approach to securing individual customers.

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