5 reasons why you should attend SecureData’s Cybersecurity Summit this November

Once upon a time, we thought cybersecurity didn’t matter; that hacks and breaches were the domains of nefarious actors teaching unethical corporates a lesson for playing fast and loose with our information, all the while turning a profit. How wrong we were. Cybersecurity now affects us all – from the citizen on the street, to the consumer browsing the world wide web, to businesses of all size and sector. Anything that can and will be connected to the internet is fair game for creative hackers, who have turned their hands to critical national infrastructure, airlines, social media networks – you name it – to disrupt, destroy and discredit.

As cybersecurity continues to change us on both an individual and societal level, the ripple effects are deep and varied, ranging from whether we stay in Europe, to who we choose to elect to run our countries, to when/if we share sensitive information about ourselves in the public domain. We’ve already seen cyberbalkanisation (or the splinternet) play out in the Huawei narrative; more recent developments in the story have seen Russia permit China to launch its 5G pilot in Moscow, following Putin’s blessing. Amid this tech censorship, we see a cyber arms race unfold; one in which nation states point the finger of blame and equip themselves for the uncertainty of cyber warfare.

Meanwhile, businesses and consumers are caught in the cross fire. Cyber criminals are becoming relentless in their pursuits, forcing businesses to employ tools and experienced talent to help fend off attacks from a faceless cyber foe. How can we play catch up with – or even outwit – the evolving creativity of cybercriminals? What do businesses need to consider when it comes to building a cybersecurity strategy that is agile, proactive and robust?

This is why, for the 12th year running, SecureData is hosting its day-long UK Cybersecurity Summit, taking place on Thursday 7th November at the Institute of Engineering and Technology in London. The aim of the summit is to offer a unique and deep perspective on the cyber issues affecting us, the companies we work for and for the society we live in. And if that wasn’t reason enough to sign up to attend, here are five more reasons why you should join us on the 7th November:

  1. Gain guidance and clarity on your 2020 cybersecurity strategy: Throughout the day, our partners and sponsors will deliver dedicated streams on a host of security deployment challenges and considerations that you can apply to your own strategy for the coming year.
  2. Hear from an M15 whistle-blower: Former M15 Officer and hunted whistle-blower Annie Machon will close the day’s proceedings with an exploration into the dark triad of those harvesting our data: intelligence organisations (state and mercenary), corporations and cybercriminals. Not to be missed!
  3. Get access to cutting edge research: SecureData’s very own Etienne Greeff, Charl van der Walt and Dominic White will take to the stage to debunk cybersecurity myths, present cutting-edge research and offer advice on how to communicate cybersecurity issues to the board in a language the C-suite can relate to and understand.
  4. Mix technical learnings with non-technical talks: We have something for everyone at the Summit. Whether you have a penchant for the super technical, or are more interested in hearing about the weaponisation of information from award-winning journalist Geoff White, our talks and workshops are suitable for all knowledge levels.
  5. It’s free to attend! Need we say more?

If you’re a senior business and IT professional responsible for implementing and overseeing compliance, risk or security strategies, we’d love to see you at the IET on the 7th November. To find out more about the agenda, visit here. And contact marketing@secdata.com to secure your spot – places are limited!

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