SecureData’s Threat Advisory service: protect your business with actionable intelligence on the threats that matter to you

Forget haystacks: in IT security finding the threats that matter is like looking for a needle in a needle stack. To protect your business, you face the impossible challenge of keeping pace with thousands of new threats each month just to spot the one or two that could bring your business to its knees. It’s a Catch 22: stop keeping up with the latest threats and risk catastrophe, or plough valuable resources into a seemingly bottomless security budget. Either way, it’s bad for business.

A better solution

With 315,000 new cyber threats emerging daily, protecting your business means identifying and eliminating the handful that really matter. SecureData GI’s new Threat Advisory service helps do just that. Delivered direct from our Security Operations Centre (SOC) to your inbox, our Threat Advisory service includes a monthly Intelligence Focus report providing you with a summarised view of new threats and vulnerabilities, together with expert opinion from our senior analysts. What’s more, it provides regular Threat Advisory memos that are a true game changer for the UK market: each Threat Advisory is carefully tailored to your individual business and IT environment. Outlining the specific devices or network elements being targeted, the severity of the threat and, most importantly, how you should respond, our Threat Advisory service gives you the assurance that you’re taking the right actions, on the right risks, at the right time. SecureData will be proactive to the output of advisories and headline notifications will be wrapped into all of our existing managed services at no extra cost to you. Managed and Non-managed customers can also subscribe to the full service and receive detailed intelligence for their internal security teams. With expert insights into how attacks progress, the affected systems and remedial actions, our Threat Advisory service and 24/7 SOC enables you to slash the time spent finding, triaging and preventing threats. However, it doesn’t just improve security for devices managed by SecureData – we’ll also let you know if unmanaged devices are at risk and how to safeguard them.

Better than all the rest

Our Threat Advisory service is a first step from today’s managed devices to the truly managed security of tomorrow. We’re finally enabling customers to look up from the day-to-day fire-fighting of operational security and take in the bigger strategic picture. While many other companies offer generic threat feeds, few deliver the contextual, actionable insights you need to protect your business. With around 100 Threat Advisories expected each year, our service delivers an immediate, contextualised action plan as soon as a threat appears. We don’t just tell you something bad has happened: we tell you why it applies to you and how you fix it – harnessing the exceptional knowledge and experience of people from the dark side of the cyber world. In each memo, you can expect:

  • Headline relevance, criticality and urgency summary – understand if the details are relevant to your business, the potential impact on business as usual, and how much time you have to respond
  • Top level summary – easy and quick to digest, and written in a jargon-free way that everyone from the CEO to the Office Clerk can understand
  • Triage chart – an accessible graphical representation enabling you to relate content directly to your business standard operations, and understand the threat targets and intermediary remediation points
  • Detailed descriptions of how the threat operates – delivered in multiple sections and providing insight into the attack process, severity of a successful exploit, and how to detect, remediate and prevent
  • Indicators, functional detection scripts and useful details – an appendix full of ready-made solutions, technology-specific remediation actions and detection scripts to enable prevention early-on

Fighting back

In IT security, we’ve become used to an unequal struggle: attackers only have to be successful once, but your business needs to successfully defend itself every time. Our Threat Advisory service is a first step towards truly proactive security that can finally hit back: empowering CISOs to stay a step ahead of the cybercriminals and prove to the business that they’re taking the right actions. From downtime and lost revenue, to regulatory penalties, reputation damage and a dented stock price, no business can afford a Sony-style “digipocalypse”. So, if you value business as usual in the digital age, this is one service you cannot afford to pass up. Find out more.

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