Our Mission

SecureData is a complete cybersecurity services provider specialising in network security, and managed services. We believe in looking beyond point technology solutions to ensure that business IT infrastructure as a whole is both secure and available. Our unique threat visibility allows us to identify and proactively neutralise incidents before they can impact your business.

A Complete Approach to Security

It’s time to think differently about security. Today, the perimeter of your business is vast and complex: everything from mobile devices, to cloud assets and supply chains can provide a way in for cybercriminals. Protecting your organisation demands an approach that looks at security holistically, not piecemeal.

You may have deployed one security device after another in the past, but technology alone can’t solve this challenge; it must be combined with the right people and processes and aligned as part of a comprehensive, end-to-end strategy that starts by asking what’s truly critical to your business.

We take a complete approach to security to help our customers stay secure across the entire attack continuum: assessing risks, detecting threats, protecting assets and responding to breaches when they happen.

Managed Services

If you are struggling to win the battle against an increasingly overwhelming array of attacks look no further. Outsourcing your security with our end-to-end managed security services will give you 24x7x365 access to our expertise, knowledge and the largest security services portfolio in the UK – designed to help you assess, detect and respond to threats and incidents before they can impact your business.

With our unique threat intelligence we are helping companies across 100 countries and 5 continents to reduce costs, improve scalability and enhance security – so you can rest assured that your business critical data is protected.


Complete visibility into your security posture – anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Watch how we deal with threats or vulnerabilities and access the same tools used by our security specialists.

SecureData GI

SecureData GI delivers what business is demanding – a complete security solution. It integrates leading technologies, the best cyber security specialists and Big Data analytic processes, all delivered through the cloud. The result? correlated and contextualised applied intelligence to protect business against security threats. It is the smart new solution to cyber threat.