Consulting Services

The expertise needed to secure new technologies and systems effectively can be daunting. Fortunately, our consultants can do the heavy-lifting and identify the most secure set of configurations for you.

From quantifying your security posture, to overseeing the design of robust and secure systems, our expert Consulting services will help you identify the right course of action, safeguard critical assets and ensure complete compliance with industry regulations.

Whether your organisation is embarking on a new project or reviewing the security of an existing application or network, our expert consultants will work with you to ensure your systems are as reliable and secure as possible. We can ensure the right level of security is built into new projects from the outset, effectively identify and remediate security flaws in existing systems, or even comprehensively train your developers to avoid security pitfalls.

Meanwhile, through our Threat Modelling services, we can examine multiple scenarios to identify those that will most reduce cyber risk across your business. This will ensure your senior team has a clear, shared understanding of what can be achieved and the security benefits that will be realised.

  • Architecture Reviews
  • Build Reviews
  • Secure Development Life Cycle (SDLC) support
  • Threat Modelling