Network Risk Modelling

Understanding how the whole of your network relates to a vulnerability is essential to reveal your true level of risk exposure. To minimise risks in an enterprise scale network, you need complete visibility, up-to-date information on vulnerabilities, assets and threats, as well as high-performance analysis.

To provide your business with actionable, prioritised intelligence on the risks that matter, we intelligently analyse and correlate the outputs from market-leading scanning tools with open source information about currently exploitable vulnerabilities. We then go further: delivering clear guidance on how to remediate any issues.

Our solution combines industry-leading scanning technology, expert analysis and ‘zero-impact’ sensors within your network to identify assets and software versions, as well as routing and blocking policies. These snippets of vital intelligence identify vulnerable assets, reveal their level of exposure and underpin a priority list of remedial actions.

  • Expert, comprehensive analysis of your network infrastructure.
  • Identify and proactively address weaknesses in your network.
  • Focus time, money and expertise on resolving the most crucial problems.
  • Reliable, clear guidance on remediation that minimises the duration of any risk.
  • Incorporates vulnerability data from our Managed Vulnerability Scanning services or locally placed third party scanning tools to enrich and prioritise outputs
  • PCI DSS vulnerability scans and assessments (ASV Scanning)
    Standard reporting to meet compliancy standards and audit requirements
  • Robust reporting – customisable reports for specific audiences such as management, auditors and IT operations
  • Easy Access to Your Data – You can access your data through our portal at any time to gain access to reports that help you understand your risk.


How it is delivered?

Hosted in our Secure Cloud and with limited setup requirements, deployment is simple and fast, for our external; scanning there is no requirement to deploy equipment and simple virtualized architecture is used for in-depth, internal scanning.

All of our outputs are delivered digitally, through our secure portal, giving you a view of incidents generated and aligning outputs with threat intelligence in a single view.

Use our infrastructure and technology to enable your security teams a window directly into the data.

Interlaced with traditional scanning, our platform provides a daily update regarding the latest vulnerabilities that affect your business between fully penetrative scans.

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