Security Assessment Services

Malicious attackers will endlessly scan your organisation for weak security controls, misconfigurations and vulnerabilities. Ultimately, almost any point within your network can be exploited. This makes systematic Security Assessments a critical exercise for any organisation with high value, sensitive assets to protect.

Unlike one-off penetration tests, our Security Assessment services take a systematic approach to reveal any and all exploitable vulnerabilities in your IT estate, as well as providing guidance on how to remediate them.

Our expert analysts think like attackers and use the same techniques and tools to uncover security weaknesses. From assessing your organisation’s Internet footprint to see what an attacker surveilling you might learn, to challenging our ethical hackers to penetrate your organisation and achieve set goals, our Security Assessment services combine skilled security professionals with real-world attack scenarios and techniques.

With SecureData’s Security Assessment services, you will have a clear understanding of the most serious risks to your business – allowing you to implement the right people, processes and technologies to mitigate the danger and protect critical assets.

  • Internet footprinting.
  • Security assessments.
  • Goal-orientated penetration testing.
  • Wireless security assessments.
  • Mobile security assessments.