Vulnerability Scanning Service

To defend your business critical assets, it’s essential to identify and respond to security vulnerabilities before cybercriminals can find and exploit them. However, all too often traditional vulnerability scans just inundate already overstretched security teams with reports that are too granular or non-specific to be actionable – leaving your business at risk for longer.

Our managed Vulnerability Scanning service doesn’t overwhelm you with information on every possible vulnerability. Alongside our market-leading scanning engines, we have a team of full-time, highly trained and experienced analysts dedicated to exposing and prioritising the most relevant security gaps in the context of your business and the wider threat landscape.

We intelligently analyse and correlate the outputs from our scanning tools with open source information about the current security status of vulnerabilities, providing your business actionable, prioritised intelligence on the risks that matter and clear guidance on how to remediate them.

  • Expert, comprehensive analysis of your entire IT estate.
  • Identify the highest priority, business impacting vulnerabilities.
  • Focus time, money and expertise on resolving the most crucial problems.
  • Reliable, clear guidance on remediation that minimises the duration of any risk.