Managed Threat Detection

Unlock the power of intelligent security with our managed service for threat detection. Instantly identify and defeat sophisticated threats with our cloud-based platform analysing your security logs in real-time. We unite SIEM logs with SecureData Greater Intelligence platform and analytics to deliver the contextual insights you need to locate and eliminate the threats that really matter to your business.

Managed Threat Detection

Advanced persistent threats (APTs) and other sophisticated attacks are an increasing threat to internal and external networks alike. Our managed service for threat monitoring provides you with an efficient and compliant solution for the real-time monitoring, analysis and management of log files and events. However, we can go even further: setting your organisation on a path to true intelligence-led security.

By pulling your logs into cloud-based SecureData’s Greater Intelligence platform, we can proactively identify and remediate gaps in your security. We can sift through millions of logs in real-time, transforming them into hundreds of events that warrant further investigation. By automatically correlating these events against known vulnerabilities and external threats, we can isolate the handful that really matter and seamlessly deliver the actionable intelligence to defend your organisation before threats impact.

  • Gain correlated 24/7 view of your business’s security condition.
  • Save resources and add value to existing infrastructure.
  • Consolidate millions of data logs into a single dashboard.
  • Meet regulatory requirements for logging and monitoring.
  • Identify and proactively remediate relevant threats.

Our dedicated team of security specialists are able to design, deploy and manage 24×7×365. We focus on Security, so you can focus on growing your business securely.