Managed Vulnerability Scanning

If you don’t know where your organisation is vulnerable, you can’t defend it effectively. To stay secure, it’s crucial to find and eliminate security weaknesses before cybercriminals can exploit them. Unfortunately, ever-changing systems, services, applications and threats mean that new vulnerabilities are constantly being created inside your business. To keep pace, vulnerability scanning must be an on-going process.

Our ‘always on’ Managed Vulnerability Scanning service puts experienced analysts armed with industry-leading tools on hand to identify, classify and prioritise security weaknesses as needed. Without interrupting business-as-usual, SensePost’s experts will provide clear reporting and actionable intelligence on verified risks, revealing the best route for remediation. With results verified, prioritised and aligned against real threats in the wild, our service ensures you can take swift and effective action to keep your business secure on a regular basis.

Managed Vulnerability Scanning


Real-time view of risk: Up-to-date view of vulnerabilities and risks together with remediation status

Comprehensive assessment: Exhaustive, multi-layered vulnerability assessment using a combination of tools and techniques to find every possible vulnerability

Find the issues that matter: Granular, in-depth vulnerability analysis informs and improves effectiveness in creating remediation strategies

Prioritisation of exploitable issues: Proactive verification of exploitable vulnerabilities highlight the biggest risks

Detection assurance: Review of vulnerability scanning results by SecureData’s expert ethical hackers ensures all issues are detected

Faster decision-making: Simplified response and remediation based on concise, useful and relevant reporting