Goal Orientated Penetration Testing

Significantly more sophisticated than a standard Penetration Test, Goal Orientated Penetration Tests simulate real-world, covert, multi-phase attacks the same as would be performed by persistent hackers. This proactive security assessment is goal orientated in its intention to gain access to the organisation’s data by any means necessary, test the organisation’s ability to detect and respond to the attack and identify the potential damage a real attack could cause.

Goal Orientated Penetration Testing


Reduce risk of attack: Mimicking real hacker behaviours provides greater visibility into your organisations weakness

Verify your security controls: Tests are conducted against infrastructure and employees revealing the organisation’s ability to detect and respond to attacks

Prioritise your risks: Understanding what the most critical security issues are helps you to prioritise and focus remediation efforts

Tailored approach: Our ethical hackers simulate cybercriminals, identifying security issues beyond the capability of automated tools or standard penetration tests