Phishing as a Service

People are the weakest link in most organisations’ defences – and attackers know it. From fraudulent emails to SMS text messaging, Phishing campaigns regularly trick employees into compromising security – yet most businesses have no idea how vulnerable they are. As these attacks become more frequent, targeted and sophisticated, it’s crucial to understand and reduce the risks.

By deploying SensePost’s social engineering specialists to simulate a real attack and monitor responses, Phishing as a Service can accurately gauge your level of risk. These practical, ‘live’ exercises perfectly replicate real attacks, allowing us to educate your users on real Phishing tactics and security best practices in a safe environment - dramatically strengthening your business’s resistance to Phishing.

Phishing as a Service


Assess the danger: Build a business case for investing in security or user education with a realistic view of your Phishing risk.

Reduce risk: By training employees to spot and avoid phishing attacks, lowers the risk of future downtime and security breaches.

Enhance security: Benefit from expert advice from ethical hackers using realistic simulated Phishing tactics.

Remediate issues: Detailed insights into specific user and device vulnerabilities allow you to take swift and effective action