Armed with the knowledge of which assets cannot be risked, SecureData can apply the right level of protection and appropriate security technologies to keep customers secure and available.


protectToday’s security teams are often overstretched and underfunded. SecureData enables customers to make informed choices about what assets to protect, which risks to mitigate and which to accept – strategically focussing protection on the most crucial areas.

Armed with the knowledge of which assets cannot be risked, SecureData can apply the right level of protection and appropriate security technologies to keep customers secure and available.

We deliver the agnostic advice customers need to design a security architecture that minimises complexity, focuses scarce resources where they’re needed and maximises the impact of security spending.

We have the expertise to install and manage a huge range of security technologies that can address and close any security gap. Whether supporting fully managed services or individual devices, our UK-based Security Operations Centre ensures immediate, around-the-clock access to expert security specialists to maintain continuous uptime and protection against emerging threats.


Next Generation Firewalls

Our Managed Next Generation Firewall service keeps your network flexible and secure through real-time detection, mitigation and reporting on today’s most sophisticated threats. We also free up in-house resources, reduce expenditure and ensure expert configuration and monitoring, 24x7x365.

Intrusion Prevention Systems

Intrusion Prevention Systems can protect against today’s most dynamic and sophisticated threats. Our dedicated 24x7x365 managed service delivers the continuous, expert management a high-performing IPS demands with real-time detection and alerting for nefarious activity.

Wireless Security

From blocking unauthorised devices and intrusion attempts, to stopping the propagation of advanced malware, complete control over your wireless networks is critical to your security. Our service optimises your wireless infrastructure, implements unbeatable protection and ensures expert management around-the-clock.

Web Application Security

Web applications are business critical, but they are also a prime target for malicious attacks. Our managed Web Application Firewall delivers scalable, comprehensive policy-based controls to defend crucial applications and databases, as well as ensure regulatory compliance.

Distributed Denial of Service

A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack not only stops legitimate traffic, it may well be a smokescreen to cover other attacks. By monitoring threats to your availability in real-time and responding with advanced countermeasures, our managed service automatically detects, alerts and blocks DDoS attacks before they can impact business critical services.

Web Content Security

Our Web Content Security service gives your business the flexibility to fend off sophisticated malware, decrease employee helpdesk requests and free up valuable in-house IT resources. Using our AffinitySECURE platform, we deliver scalable, policy-based controls and granular monitoring that better protects users while also ensuring flexible access to the online resources they need.

Application Delivery

With managed Application Delivery, you can rest assured that all your essential business applications are constantly available and highly resilient. We deliver outstanding application performance for all your users by redirecting traffic based on location, load and server responsiveness.

Remote Access

Our fully-managed Remote Access service maximises business continuity by delivering fast and secure connectivity with built-in user authentication, device posture checking and data encryption to ensure your organisation remains safe and productive at all times.

Two Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication ensures the identify of your users is verified strongly, efficiently and correctly before they are given access to vital areas of your network or sensitive business data. We seamlessly manage this entire process and, by requiring users to provide two items of identifying information delivered over two separate channels, the risk of unauthorised access is greatly reduced.

Global Server Load Balancing

Global Server Load Balancing allows your business to flex with demand and ensures high-performance access to applications and data at all times. As well as providing DNS security features, we consider factors like location, load and availability to guarantee your users always receive the best possible experience.

Secure Internet Gateway

Working with BT’s highly resilient MPLS services, our Secure Internet Gateway service ensures dependable, cost-effective Internet access at all times. We can also provide additional security services that further enhance your online protection, such as Web Content Security, Application Control, Secure Remote Access, Web Application Security and Intrusion Prevention Systems.