Spot Check Penetration Testing

Cybercriminals will scour your organisation for weak security controls, misconfigurations and other vulnerabilities that can compromise sensitive systems and data. To stay secure, you need to find and resolve these issues first.

To help your business identify weaknesses, our Spot Check Penetration Test attempts to find and exploit vulnerable systems. Working under strict ethical guidelines, SensePost's cyber specialists use the same mindset, methods and tools as real attackers to compromise any system or application under review. Our experts will carefully examine your systems for weaknesses and verify whether discovered vulnerabilities can be exploited. Afterwards, SensePost will provide a detailed report on the vulnerabilities discovered, the level of risk they pose, and how to mitigate them effectively to prevent a real hacker from compromising your business.

Spot Check Penetration Testing


Reduce risk of attack: Mimicking real hacker behaviours provides a higher level of assurance

Comprehensive assessment: Exhaustive, multi-layered vulnerability assessment using a combination of tools and techniques

Discover all your vulnerabilities: Exploring all potential vulnerabilities and attack methods increases the likelihood of finding potential security issues

Prioritise your risks: False positives are eliminated by expert analysts, with reporting focused on the issues that matter the most to your organisation

Tailored approach: Our ethical hackers simulate cybercriminals, identifying security issues beyond the capability of automated tools