Specialist CYbersecurity Training

SensePost have trained thousands of students on the art of network and application exploitation for the past decade. Our courses are developed from the work we perform for clients, so that you get a better understanding of how to exploit real-world scenarios.

As one of Blackhat Briefings longstanding training partners, our courses have taught thousands of students about the art of offensive and defensive approaches.

Specialist Cybersecurity Training


Tactics, Techniques and Procedures: Our introductory course for those starting the journey into penetration testing or those working in environments where understanding how hackers think and the tools, tactics and techniques they use. The course presents the background information, technical skills and basic concepts required to those desiring a foundation in the world of information security.

Infrastructure (Hacking): Internal networks are attractive to attackers as they are often the least secure component of a company’s infrastructure. This hands-on course mimics what attackers and criminals are doing – compromising networks, hunting down key accounts and business-critical information. The student will be trained in the methods and approaches taken when performing internal and external network penetration tests in a fully functional lab.

Application (Hacking): This hands-on course teaches the student the fundamentals of how applications are built and where vulnerabilities are introduced in the development process. Designed for those new to penetration testing, network administrators or who want to understand more about offensive testing by breaking into various networks and applications, this course follows both the OWASP Top 10 and the OWASP Application Security Verification Standard (ASVS).

Master/BlackOps: Intended for existing penetration testers with a solid and technical understanding of penetration testing tools and techniques, this course teaches students how to hack like criminal network operatives. With a strong offensive focus drawing on the techniques employed in recent industry hacks, the student is taught about new vulnerabilities (current year – 3 years) and how to use them to their full potential.

Offensive Cyber Warfare: A 4-week intensive application of offensive cyber capabilities teaching students/teams to conduct integrated electronic warfare in authorised, directed operations in a controlled, classroom environment and under operationally-representative conditions. The course culminates in a three-day exercise where the student/team are tested through actively discovering and proactively hunting malicious actors planning on executing an attack.