UK CyberSecurity Summit 2018

Tuesday 6th November 2018 – IET, Savoy Place London

Monsters under the bed!

The UK’s leading cybersecurity influencers will assemble for SecureData’s annual UK CyberSecurity Summit in London on Tuesday 6 November.

SecureData’s elite consulting team will provide insight on the key findings of our recent SensePost study, compiled by two research units that analyse millions of customer security logs per day.

During his keynote, Charles van der Walt, our Chief Security Strategy Officer, will examine the difference between the ‘security as risk’ and the ‘security as debt’ paradigms and explain how changing paradigms may change the way we think about, talk about and measure software security. “We believe this could have a very empowering effect on development managers and other security professionals who are struggling to articulate the relative benefits of security (or a lack of security) to a software product.

Our CTO & Founder Etienne Greeff will later take over the stage and provide an overview of how state-of-the-art AI and machine learning methodologies can be applied in both offensive and defensive applications.

Our guest speaker on the day will be Duncan Brown, IDC’s associate vice president for European Infrastructure and Security Practice, who will provide a high-level view of the latest trends in managed services and integrated technologies.

Sensepost, SecureData’s elite consulting arm will unveil truths about commonly accepted cybersecurity myths by providing insight on the key findings of recent studies, compiled by two research units that analyse millions of customer security logs per day.

Book your place to discover the latest threats and vulnerabilities facing UK businesses amid an ever-evolving security landscape.

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Watch the 2017 Highlights

Event Programme


Registration & Breakfast (1 hour)


Welcome and Introductions

Matt Tomlinson - SecureData


Monsters under the bed: Are we sitting on a Security Debt Crisis?

Charl van der Walt, Head of Security Strategy - SecureData


What every CISO should know about Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Etienne Greeff, CTO & Founder - SecureData


Break & networking (20 mins)


Managed service & integrated technologies

Keynote speaker Duncan Brown - IDC


The value of smart security people - A showcase of SensePost's capability

Dominic White CTO - SensePost


Summary of morning & introducing the afternoon Vendors

Etienne Greeff, CTO & Founder - SecureData


Lunch & Networking


Integrated Secure Networking


Protecting the Perimeter - integrated security solutions

Palo Alto


Cloud Security Primer


How to ensure a worry free Security Breach



End to End Security

Check Point

Content is King - How to Protect it





Password Security


You can't protect what you don't know about - Understanding your own data



Password, Email and Domain Squatting

Willem Mouton - SensePost

When SensePost successfully hacked our CEO's inbox

Charl van der Walt, Head of Security Strategy - SecureData


Panel discussing the key takeaways

Duncan, Charl and Etienne


Prizes Draw & Drinks reception



Guest Speakers

Duncan Brown

AVP & Research Director

Duncan is an expert in analysing the security market globally and his list of security-related clients includes enterprises, central banks, government organisations and security product suppliers. He established IDC’s market-leading coverage of the impact of GDPR, and continues to oversee the European Privacy and Data Security research programme.

Charl van der Walt - SecureData

Charl van der Walt

Chief Security Strategy Director

Charl has a deep understanding of the “offensive” paradigm within information security with a particular interest and passion for teaching and training. He has given courses and lectures to companies and universities all of the world and is a regular on the infosec conference circuit, speaking at events including the prestigious Black Hat Briefings.

Etienne Greeff - SecureData

Etienne Greeff

CTO & Founder

Etienne Greeff is one of the early pioneers of the information security industry. He has spent over 20 years promoting the innovative use of technology and services to solve complex customer issues: founding, growing and successfully exiting a number of information security businesses.

Dominic White - SensePost

Dominic White

SensePost (SecureData)

Dominic is the CTO at SensePost, an information security consultancy based in South Africa and SecureData’s elite consulting arm, specialising in penetration testing. He was previously a manager within the Security & Privacy Services division of Deloitte and holds an MSc in Computer Security from Rhodes University.

Willem Mouton - SensePost

Willem Mouton

Security Analyst
SensePost (SecureData)

Willem hails from a development background and is responsible for developing most of SensePost’s internal tools. With his mindset being very much that of a builder, his skills at penetration testing ensure he gains root on many assessments due to him knowing where weaknesses are often introduced during the development phase.