Uncomfortable Truths, Black Swans and Unknown Unknowns: Getting to the real facts about cybersecurity

As security professionals, it’s our job to understand the threat landscape and keep a careful watch on the latest tactics cybercriminals are employing. What’s becoming clearer, however, is that the real danger lies not just in our exposure to new threats, but in the unquestioned ‘truths’ and gaps in our knowledge that lead us to overlook serious risks.

Nothing in cybersecurity can be taken as read, and so we must always be looking to challenge our assumptions and preconceived ideas to find out the reality of the threats we face. To that end, we have conducted a series of test scenarios and research tasks to debunk common cyber myths, identify potential black swan events, and uncover the truth about cybersecurity.

Over the coming weeks, we will be releasing our findings through a series of blogs, which will each tackle misunderstood or overlooked aspects of cybersecurity based on empirical data. Topics you can expect to see tackled include:

  • Is threat intelligence really intelligent? in which we investigate how effective threat feeds are at predicting malicious behaviour.
  • How easy is it to hack corporate passwords? (hint: far easier than it should be)
  • Can exposing vulnerabilities in your IT environment actually make you LESS attractive to attackers?

Stay tuned as all will be revealed. If you find these topics interesting, we’ll be discussing them and more at SecureData’s annual UK CyberSecurity Summit.

The event will offer insight into the latest threats and vulnerabilities facing UK businesses amid an ever-evolving security landscape.

You can sign up for the event, held at IET, Savoy Place in London on Tuesday 6 November.

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