SecureData believe in looking beyond point solutions to ensure that business IT infrastructure as a whole is secure and available. Our expertise and capabilities are designed to help customers assess risk, detect threats, protect valuable assets and respond to breaches when they happen.

Our AffinitySecure 24x7x365 security monitoring platform generates real-time threat intelligence and provides a unique ’early warning system’ to our customers. This enables us to neutralise a higher percentage of threats before they impact the business.

Our highly skilled team aims to solve business challenges not just provision technologies, and our technical analysts ensure our customers are informed about innovations in security technology with future-proofed solutions.


World leading security consultancy

Innovation Centre

Security research and development


Owner of Software tool Maltego

Incident Response

We put in place the proper procedures to contain damage, eradicate threats and help you rapidly recover.

Threat Triage

After an attack, expert insight and advice is critical - our Threat Triage service delivers just that.

24x7x365 Capability

Cybercriminals don’t work office hours and neither should your security. Protect your business 24x7x365 with our always-on services.

Proactive Threat Detection

Respond more effectively to threats with a comprehensive, real-time view of your organisation’s security posture.

Security Intelligence

Identify the threats that matter by collating global trends and your network’s vulnerabilities into contextual intelligence.

Security Visibility

Without visibility across the entire attack continuum, you can’t protect your business effectively.

Technical Expertise

Our 36 technical engineers have an average of 10+ years’ experience - allowing us to resolve issues faster and keep your business secure.

Scaling Your Security

The right combination of people, process and technology ensures our services can rapidly scale to your needs.

Leadership Team