The traditional approach to cybersecurity is broken. Spending has increased, but so have the number of breaches. Meanwhile most compromises aren’t due to sophisticated new threats, but ones we already know about. Technology alone cannot match the scale and breadth of today’s attack landscape to solve this problem; in fact, most organisations aren’t effectively using the systems they have.

To meet today’s security challenge, we have combined the best technologies with robust processes and expert people who understand the dark side of the cyber world – building cohesive, end-to-end capabilities that control cyber risk and drive more value from security spending.

A piecemeal approach to IT security inevitably leaves organisations exposed to greater risk. Our strategy addresses the entire attack continuum, with bespoke capabilities that enable organisations to assess risks, detect threats, protect assets and respond to breaches quickly and effectively.

We combine a total understanding of customer environments with visibility into the surrounding threat landscape, enabling us to tailor efficient security strategies that match cyber risk to a customer’s business posture appropriately. This approach dramatically reduces risk across the entire attack continuum, helping customers maintain the outstanding availability, confidentiality and integrity every business craves.

Why SecureData?

  • Reduce the cost and business impact of security breaches.
  • Reduce TCO and resource demands from IT security.
  • Drive greater value from focussed security spending.
  • Tailor IT security to mitigate business risk appropriately.
  • Manage cyber risk to lower insurance premiums and ensure adequate cover.


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Security research and development


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Incident Response

We put in place the proper procedures to contain damage, eradicate threats and help you rapidly recover.

Threat Triage

After an attack, expert insight and advice is critical - our Threat Triage service delivers just that.

24x7x365 Capability

Cybercriminals don’t work office hours and neither should your security. Protect your business 24x7x365 with our always-on services.

Proactive Threat Detection

Respond more effectively to threats with a comprehensive, real-time view of your organisation’s security posture.

Security Intelligence

Identify the threats that matter by collating global trends and your network’s vulnerabilities into contextual intelligence.

Security Visibility

Without visibility across the entire attack continuum, you can’t protect your business effectively.

Technical Expertise

Our 36 technical engineers have an average of 10+ years’ experience - allowing us to resolve issues faster and keep your business secure.

Scaling Your Security

The right combination of people, process and technology ensures our services can rapidly scale to your needs.

Leadership Team